Covid 19

The situation around Covid-19 naturally worries many of our guests, and of course, us as hosts.

We are asked many questions daily about our handling of the situation. Here we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. We follow the situation closely and update the page continuously.

Do you like to stay in B & Bs in Denmark?
Yes, it must continue well – and compared to many other holiday forms we actually consider a B&B and cottage stay as very safe, as you will be staying in a “home” where you are yourself – and you will be able to decide for yourself in the extent to which you want contact with other people.

How can we get to the holiday home / apartment without having to contact staff?
You meet one of us when you arrive, at a proper distance, and are shown over to the apartment, which is located in a separate building. You pay when you arrive, with cash or pay in advance in bank account 7670 0005793018, and avoid contact. The breakfast is ordered as normal, is put in the fridge the day / evening before when the guest is out, so we avoid contact there as well. The canceled key is in the apartment.

How’s the cleaning?
As a result of Covid-19, we have introduced a number of extra measures in relation to our cleaning of the apartment, all to reduce the risk of infection. Among other things. split handles and table surfaces according to every cleaning.

How are the rules around cancellation?
The normal cancellation policy is stated on and unless other special rules are stated, these are the conditions we refer to.